Hoppy Ambear

Hoppy Ambear

Our delicious new baby...

Amber beer

- What sort of hops it is brewed on

Motueka, Mosaic and Hallertauer Nugget hops

- Why we brewed it

Hoppy Ambear is the new beer Hop Bottle Brewery is working on. We are brewing this beer with the idea to get a beer that can be enjoyed when the colder days are hitting us ("winter is coming"). It's a full rounded beer with a lot of aromas from the unconventional Motueka hop. Because of the combination of malts and a crazy hop mix, this beer is not only for just the winter... It can be combined perfectly with X-mas dinners, but mostly just enjoy it when you feel like it.


Pre-order the Hoppy Ambear now so you will be the first line to serve your guest with the newest beer from Hop Bottle Brewery. Just sent us an email with quantity required.

Kegs can only be order until the 20th of October or when new brew will be started. We'll notify you when that is.


Stay "high on hops"...

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